Stock Music – Have you heard your company’s music elsewhere

Aug 23, 2021 | Cornerstone

Music is important to video because it can capture a mood but stock music should be used with the same editorial care that you give to your copy. It can put the buyer in the right mood or totally turn them off.

Stock services is an alternative to hiring a musician and it provides you with a wide range of choices. The tunes can be added to your videos easily and inexpensively.


But here is the catch to stock music.

Even if you are choosing from a company that has millions or tracks, a small number of those tracks will be chosen dozens if not hundreds of times by other video producers for there own projects. Therefore, the risk that your chosen track will be found on another video is relatively high.


Will your music track be used by other producers?

Some tracks just resonates with an audience while others don’t. In the same way, some music can be a hit others tracks just are just okay.

If you are using the tracks on social media posts with a short shelf life, it probably does not matter that much. But if it is a cornerstone video that will be on your website for several years, you probably don’t want your music to show up in other videos that may be very different from your brand.

There is really no way to know if the track you have chosen is already used in other videos. I don’t know of any music stock services that will tell you how often a piece of music has been downloaded to date.

Here are a couple of ways to mitigate this issue. The best is to hire a musician that has part of their portfolio music that matches the style you are looking for your video.

The second approach is to choose from a stock company that will provide you will the music stems. Essentially, they are the separate tracks of each instrument. Therefore, you can remix the music to give it a bit of a different sound.


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