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By now, if you run any business or organization, you are inundated with claims that video is a must for marketing and social media. And if you are not using video, you are missing out on a surefire way to increase clients and customers who convert at higher rates. It is a significant pain point: how can you miss out on that opportunity? But when do you invest in video experts? And do you?


Dozens of apps pump out marketing videos at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional video company. And congratulations, you have been saved from the fear of missing out (FMO).

And for the most part, these apps are good. The products give you video to work with, and a stylish design in formats required by social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Additionally, they often have access to an extensive library of video clips, music, and sound effects.

Just think of it – we have high-quality cameras in our pockets. Mobiles take great pictures and produce okay videos with passable audio.

So, why hire video professionals?

You hire a professional when the video is critically important to your brand. For example, if it anchors your website, viewed by clients and customers over several years, it should reflect the overall quality of your brand.

Think about your office or storefront. A poorly maintained property reflects poorly on your brand – and so does a poorly produced video.

But it is not an “either/or.”

The video apps are great for quick turnaround videos on social media. But if the video is critical for your brand and will anchor your website over several years, you should rely on video experts with experience, training, and skill.

Professional companies know how to use video to strengthen your brand.


First, assume it is about something other than the equipment or app. It is more than pointing and shooting your iPhone.

Because you are a native English speaker, do you assume you’re a great copywriter? And just because you have a smartphone……


It does not mean you can’t learn a video app, but do you have the time? Video production is about harnessing all the technical issues to create a creative vision that promotes your brand. It is not just about mastering an app.

Just because you have a tax program, it does not mean you are an accountant.

It is the same with video. Even if you have great tools in your pocket, you can still learn to use them more than push a few buttons correctly.

Nevertheless, everyone should know how to get good images and do a basic video to catch behind-the-scenes moments at work or quick testimonials and other events only available on the spur of the moment.

And these are the videos best released for social media. But as the project becomes more complex, consider bringing in video experts.

Think of it this way: your image and video will represent your brand. Can you rely on a DIY approach for a national commercial, an explainer, or a testimonial? Probably not.


While a video stock company talks about its vast library, customers use only a tiny proportion of the clips. As a result, you may find your chosen clips showing up in unrelated projects.

A well-planned shoot can provide you with original material for several months of original social media posts.

What about the need for a video marketing strategy? No matter how great a video is, it must have a job. It can be part of the package many video production companies offer.

While there are many reasons to have DIY video solutions, especially for your social media needs, you must balance that out with what you are losing in terms of experience, training, and skills that video experts can bring to the table.

Again, it is never an “either-or” solution.

DIY is great for quick turnaround social media posts. A professionally produced video will anchor your website with great customers and clients for years with a sense of quality that reflects well on your brand.

So what type of videos should be left to the professional?


There are many different ways to market a product or service.

A marketing funnel is a visual representation of how a customer moves from awareness to consideration to purchase. It starts with getting the customer’s attention. This can be done through marketing campaigns that bombard the customer with information or through viral marketing, which uses word-of-mouth marketing to get the message out.

Once the customer is aware of the product or service, they may start to consider it. This is when they start to ask questions and look for reviews. If they are still undecided, they may start to research the product or service. If they are still undecided, they may start to research the product or service. The final step is to make a purchase.

This can be done through a website or through a physical store. Marketing funnels are important for businesses of all sizes. They can help you to target your customers, measure your success, and decide when and how to make a purchase.

While many of your videos can be used in social media, their purpose is short-term. But videos that will sit on your website may be there for many years. They are very much part of your storefront.

As more and more customers don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they have made up their minds about your product, these videos have to address many of the issues that your salesperson would have managed.

Some examples would be explainer videos. It’s a type of video that explains how your product or service fits into your customer’s world, and how they address their point and solve an issue. 

It’s a video that is key to the success of your business therefore really should be developed with a video expert and your sales team. 


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