Video by Design


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with SDC Video?

We are professional video storytellers with corporate and journalistic experience. 

SDC Video works with you to create custom-made videos to promote your brand over several years.

Besides we are fun to work with!


What type of videos do you create?

We produce videos that are designed to be cornerstones to your business.  They may be called corporate videos, marketing videos or branding videos.

But what they are designed to do is to represent your business or organization in the best possible light over the longest period of time.

Can I write the script?

It is very important that we are directly involved in the script.

While you are the experts in products and services, we understand how to best tell a visual story about your business.

But you are fully involved. We work closely with you to ensure the script conveys your business or organization in the best light.

Furthermore, you will have ample opportunity to review and comment on the script long before it goes into production.

How long will it take?

A typical video will take up to 12 weeks from the first day the contract is signed to delivery of the final video.

It does not mean a video can’t be produced quickly.  But from experience, we understand your team needs time to compile feedback and revisions. This time frame often works for everyone.


Will I need to commit staff to the project?

In general, we can work independently.  But we also recognize you are the subject matter experts and we will be relying on you to help understand your business and operations.

Typically, we will need to work with a member of your team for a couple of hours, while we write and design the script primarily to ensure we are on message.

If we are producing testimonials from your clients, you will likely have to help us set up the interviews.

But that said, each video project has a manager whose goal is to minimize the pressure on your time.

What determines cost?

The cost of a video is based on a combination of factors such as length, animation, actors, location and the size of crews.  We make sure you are fully aware of the costs. 

Once the quote is in place, there will be no surprises.

What is the video making process?

Every video starts with an understanding of the target audience.

Through discovery calls with your team, we identify topics, creative ideas and messaging.

This all goes into a promotional strategy.

Once we have our targets, we design a video that is focused on a vision that is aligned with your brand. 

The first step will be a concept board that includes a story outline and text storyboard.  It will describe the actions and what you should expect to see. Our preference is to present this in person or by zoom so that we can deal with any questions right away.

We then incorporate any requested changes and amendments in the project. It will be reviewed once more by your team. As part of the project we do two rounds of revisions for a total of three scripts.

You and your team can either deliver live feedback, or regroup internally to pull together feedback for the first revision. 

If the project requires on-camera talent such as actors, we will do the auditions and make recommendations for you.

If there are animations or motion graphics we will provide you with visual concepts to comment on.

Once we are in preproduction and production, we will handle all the details to ensure a smooth process.

Once in editing, we give you the opportunity to ask for two revisions.

Once completed we will do different language versions if they are required.

SDC Video will provide you the video in any format required.

Do you also edit video?

Yes we do. Editing is always part of the package of a finished production.

Can I be on set?

Yes, of course you can. We enjoy having the client on set.  It’s one of the ways you can see how much really goes into a video.

How many revisions do we get?

We provide two complete rounds of revisions on the script, and two in editing. Therefore, there are three versions of the scripts and three versions of the video.

How do we get started?

Send us an email on our form below or book a call.  We’d be happy to answer any further questions.

What about your videography and editing services?

We can provide a professional videographer for any corporate or community event.  We have a four-hour minimum charge with a 50% deposit.

If you are only looking for the footage, we will provide you with online versions to view. Once payment is complete, it can be downloaded.

Video editing is based on an hourly rate that is quoted based on our understanding of the project.