How long should your marketing video be?

Oct 13, 2021 | Production Points

There is no correct answer. A marketing video is a vague concept that really needs to be defined more by its video purpose than its physical form.

Step back a bit to get a better understanding of why we are worried about video length.

Are attention spans getting shorter?

Overall, there is an assumption that the average attention span of your typical viewer is getting shorter.  And the stats certainly hint at it.  Viewer drop-off rates for many videos on social media can be quite dramatic after the first few seconds.

Despite this assumption, we are surrounded by examples of longer form videos that are all binge worthy. Netflix and Amazon Prime all depend on their audience “binging” for hours on their media.  Look at the trending page on YouTube. Most of these videos are  five to six minutes in length and many in the 30-minute range.

The high drop-off rate has little to do with attention span for your marketing video.

Most of the time, viewers are looking for relevant and engaging content.  If they pass on your video, they are saying “it’s not relevant to me.”

But it’s not just about creating a more engaging video.  It is about niching down and finding your core audience or customers and then developing material for them.

Many people still see video as a form of “broadcasting,” essentially marketing to a large audience.  If you are a small entrepreneur, going up against national brands with big budgets in a competitive market is a recipe for failure.

Create a marketing video for your core audience.

You need to create videos that are relevant to your core audience, essentially “narrow” casting.  In the same way you search for a niche market, you should design videos with that niche market in mind. If your niche is defined by geography, interests, identity, or a multitude of other factors, so should your videos.

Even before you asking about length, you need to ask “What is the video designed to do?”

If you have a niche-focused print ad through, let’s say Facebook, you should follow suit with a video that addresses the same niche.

If you are introducing a product or service to a new niche, it might be better to have a noticeably short video that addresses the primary pain point the product solves.

A video that addresses a prospect further down the sales funnel may need to be longer, especially if you are explaining a complex idea that would impact the workflow of a business customer or represent a large investment.

In any case, it is important to have a clear call to action, which may be as simple as clicking to a website that has more information.


Video length is defined by its purpose.

So how long should a video be?

Well it depends.  But the answer is not found in the video itself but in what it is designed to do, and where the video sits in your marketing funnel.

You need a strongly niche-focused video to engage your target audience.  But do not fret too much about drop-off rates in viewership. They probably were not prospects in the first place.

If you have designed your videos to address a specific niche market, be assured the viewers who hang on to the end of your videos are more likely to be prospects.

Just make sure you have a way to capture that information in your process.




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