Video needs a job! A video marketing job.

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Production Points

Video needs a job. 

Videos are often left hanging around on some web corner with little to do. However, their most important job is to fit into your video marketing efforts.

Videos can look pretty, robust, weak, or dull. They may have excellent production value – or none – but they sit there hoping that someone will come along to watch them.


Many videos are designed without a purpose. It appears someone has decided “we need a video” without someone asking: why?

In meetings, I will always ask who the target audience is and what you want the viewer to do after seeing it. Too often, the response is “a good question.” It feels as if the question had never been asked before.


Unless you are producing a TV show, a video doesn’t exist for its own sake. In video marketing, it needs to fit into the customer journey to your product or service. 

How do you want it to fit in? Think in terms of these advantages.

Better customer experience

Video helps brands create a more personalized experience for their customers. Whether they want to be guided through a product experience or get inspiration from a celebrity, Video is a great way to deliver this experience.

Better retention rate

Video can be a great retention tool. According to a study by Viroet, people are more likely to retain information when they can see and hear the information being presented. This means that you can use Video to increase the amount of time people spend on your website by eliminating information that they don’t need to retain. 

Lower customer acquisition costs 

Video marketing can be an excellent way to create brand awareness without needing to spend a lot of money on advertising. The more videos you create, the more likely someone is to see one of them and become aware of your brand. 

Higher click-through rate

Video has a much higher click-through rate than any other type of marketing. The click-through rate of text-based ads is only 16%, while the same study found that the click-through rate of Video is 42%. 

Higher return on ad spend

Unlike other forms of digital advertising, video ads actually increase customer retention and increase customer lifetime value. Therefore, it’s a win-win for businesses that are able to use video marketing effectively

Have Video fit into your customer’s journey.

What do you want the viewers to do after they have seen it? and

How can we measure its success, for example: by views, engagements, information requests, etc.?



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