Steven Hunt

Steven Hunt

Senior Producer

Steven has worked as a videographer and writer for more than 30 years. To say that he’s good at it is an understatement. His work has appeared on CBC, VisionTV, CourtTV, Radio Canada, AXESSTV Sweden, RTP Portugal, SIC Portugal, Lanete Poland, AVRO Holland and the Documentary Channel US.

Steven creates rich stories and narratives and weaves them with compelling videos. His repertoire includes training videos, animation, web series, commercials, film, and documentaries.

It’s not the type of project that drives Steven but the people can meet and the stories he can tell.

Steven is drawn to the diverse and interesting.

Lucky for us because we’re a pretty diverse and interesting crew – at least that’s what he tells us!

Don’t be surprised to find Steven filming a colourful web series right here in Ottawa or a documentary in Latin America or Africa.

Steven can take a kernel of an idea and breathe digital life into it. The experience is magical. He’s kind like a wizard. But he didn’t go to Hogwarts. Or did he?

David Johnson

David Johnson


It was the punk and metal scene in the Canadian prairies that kicked started Dave’s love of filming. Deciding he wasn’t a good musician, he began documenting the scene with an old video camera and making music videos for local bands.

This led him to film school in Regina where he cultivated his cinematic skills while adhering to the punk DIY ethos of rigging equipment and challenging conventions.

He collected invaluable tools of the trade along the way, becoming a sound FX engineer and editor, award-winning location sound recorder, production/post-production manager, freelance videographer, technical director for an artist-run centre and festival programmer.

Somehow, he found time to enroll at Concordia University and earn a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production.

Don’t fret! Dave is still a punk rocker at heart!

In fact he incorporates his punk and metal roots into his current artistic practice and teachings at universities and colleges.

As a producer for SDC, his DIY approach (think MacGyver) solves just about any problem that may occur on set.

Thank goodness for Dave!

Jessie Doucet

Jessie Doucet

Associate Producer

Jess is SDC Video’s Associate Producer and she is so much more than that!

You might recognize her as a character in SDC Film’s narrative web series “Past Redemption “where she plays the role of Jaynie. Right?!

Or perhaps you’ve seen her behind the camera as one of the few female camera operators in Ottawa. But here are some little known facts about Jessica.

She was born in Walnut Creek, California but moved around a lot as a kid living all over the US, Canada and even doing a stint in Germany, finally settling in Ottawa.

She dropped out of University to become an artist. Makes sense to us.

Her dream as a child was to grow up to be a cat…or a fairy – or both (she still pursues this dream but we insist she does it after hours).

Fun fact:

She was Jennifer Lawrence’s body double in Darren Aronofsky’s movie Mother! She writes and directs short films in her spare time in order to improve her craft and hopefully create impactful visual stories.

She’s one very talented cat!

And one final nugget. She’s obsessed with anime!

Susan Murdock

Susan Murdock

Project Manager

Dubbed “The Whip” by her co-workers (think political party whip not – a’hem – other personal passions.), Susan uses her gentle powers of persuasion to keep us on task as our resident project manager.

She shares her wisdom and breadth of experience and we are better for it!

She started as a high school teacher (as class clowns we sensed that about her) and then moved on to social justice work. She spent roughly 8 years in Central America with human rights and community development NGOs. As you might guess, she is fluent in Spanish.

Prior, to joining SDC, she worked at MiningWatch Canada, where she was responsible for administration and fundraising.

At MiningWatch Canada, Susan sharpened her advocacy skills which she continues to put to good use today as a KICKASS social activist. In her spare time, she creates passionate video projects for groups like Ottawa’s Raging Grannies.

And she loves taking photos, so every spare moment on set, she’s looking for new angles to capture the crew at work.