SDC Video Editing Services:

Weddings & Life Events

Transform your precious moments into timeless stories

Capture the Essence of Your Special Day with SDC Video Editing. We bring your wedding and life event memories to life with a touch of cinematic magic. Our dedicated team focuses on encapsulating the emotion and beauty of your unique moments, creating videos you’ll cherish forever

Capture Every Milestone – Baby’s first steps, family joys, and wedding bliss. Our editing crafts your memories into stunning narratives. Cherish these moments forever.

Cherish Every Step

Immortalize the magic of your baby’s first steps with our editing service. We craft a heartwarming video from your footage that captures this milestone in the most delightful way, preserving it as a treasured family memory.

Family Celebrations

Family Memories to Treasure – From birthdays to reunions, our editing brings your family’s happiest moments to life, preserving them for generations to come.

Wedding Moments

Your Special Day, Beautifully Captured – Our wedding video editing transforms your cherished moments into a romantic, everlasting story. Perfect for reliving and sharing the joy of your big day.

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What we do?

SDC Video Editing Services: Where Your Life Story Comes Alive.

We expertly craft your moments into powerful, polished videos. Every edit we make is a step in keeping your life’s narrative vibrant and enduring. Share, celebrate, and relive your journey with our heartfelt creations.

Why Choose SDC Video for Your Special Occasions?

Professional Editors

Our team brings years of experience in video editing, specializing in weddings and life events. We combine technical prowess with a creative flair to produce videos that resonate with emotion and beauty.

Fast Turn Arounds

We value your time. Our efficient editing process ensures that your video is ready promptly, without compromising on the quality your special moments deserve.


Visual Enhancements

From selecting the perfect soundtrack to color grading that complements your event’s mood, we pay attention to every detail that elevates your video

Review Tools

Our intuitive tool allows for easy and precise feedback. Leave timestamped comments on any aspect of your video, streamlining the editing process and saving time.

What Does it Cost?

Minutes HD Footage 4K Footage
0-1  $   149  $     249
1-3  $   219  $     319
3-6  $   279  $     379
6-9  $   349  $     449
9-12  $   409  $     509
12-15  $   479  $     579
15-20  $   559  $     659
20-30  $   739  $     839

Easy Steps to Begin

  1. Reach Out: Let us know about your event and your vision.
  2. Custom Quote: Receive a quote tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Footage Upload: Send us your raw footage securely.
  4. Collaborative Review: We edit, and you provide feedback, ensuring your vision is perfectly captured.
  5. Cherish the Memories: Download your beautifully crafted video and relive your special day.

Contact us!

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What events do you specialize in?

We specialize in editing videos for a variety of life events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, ensuring each moment is captured with the essence it deserves

What type of footage can I submit?

We accept footage from various sources, including smartphones, digital cameras, and camcorders. We recommend high-quality footage for the best results.

What are your pricing and payment methods?

Our pricing varies based on the project’s complexity and length. We offer various packages to suit different needs and accept major credit cards and online payments

How will I receive my edited video?

Your edited video will be delivered digitally in your preferred format, ensuring easy sharing and viewing.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of my uploaded footage?

We prioritize the security and privacy of your footage. Our secure upload process employs encryption, and your videos are handled with the utmost confidentiality. Only authorized editors have access to your footage, and we adhere to strict data protection policies to ensure your memories are safe with us.

This addition addresses common concerns about data security and privacy, providing reassurance to potential customers about the safety of their personal footage.

For more information, visit the website’s FAQ section here.

What is your policy on copyright material in submitted footage?

We adhere to strict copyright laws and cannot use copyrighted material without permission. We’ll guide you on legal alternatives if needed.

How do you handle requests for major changes after the initial draft?

Major changes after the initial draft are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Nevertheless, we aim to ensure your satisfaction while maintaining project feasibility.  We offer 30 days of unlimited changes to make things they way you want them to be.

How does the video editing process work?

Our editing process starts with your footage submission. Our skilled editors then work to enhance the video with music, transitions, and effects. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

Can I customize my video?

Absolutely! We offer customization options like music selection, text overlays, and specific editing styles to make your video unique

What is your policy on revisions?

We provide an initial draft and allow a set number of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

What is your policy on revisions?

We provide an initial draft and allow a set number of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Can I include specific music tracks in my video?

Yes, you can suggest specific music tracks for your video. We’ll ensure they are appropriately licensed for use.

Do you provide video format conversion services?

Yes, we can convert your video into various formats suitable for different platforms or devices.

Is there an option for express editing services for urgent requirements?

Our normal turnaround time is five business days.

NEvertheless, we offer express editing services for an additional fee, depending on our current workload and the complexity of your project.

Will you shoot and edit our event?

While we are quite experienced in producing videos for a variety of clients in the broadcast and corporate world, we are limited to producing projects in Southern and Eastern Ontario/

Our video editing services are available to anyone who can upload their raw footage up to our servers. 

If you are in the region we are located, you can contact us at site@sdcvideo.ca.