CASE STUDY: Trillys B2B Commercials and Explainers


With a long sales cycle, Trillys Systems requested a series of videos to highlight various features of its software to kick start the sales cycle with a potential customer. 

Call Centre management is a typical buyer of the product and was the target for three of the four videos.  This sector is not motivated by new technology as much as operational benefits and security features. In this case, Trillys wanted the videos to speak to that specific business audience.

For the fourth video, the audience is the technical staff that will review the software for management that is considering the purchase.

Primary Challenges

There were two primary challenges, the short production cycle for the spots and the need for a simple concept that helped conceptualize a highly technical product.

The president of Trillys wanted to use the videos at conferences to kick start discussions with potential clients about what its software offered.


The first step in the process was to understand the industry and profile likely buyers.

Many call centres are small businesses headed by a female entrepreneur.  Second, we needed to take a highly technical product and present it in terms the target audience would understand.  In this case, we designed two spots that featured someone like the target audience and a scenario that would be relevant to it.

The third video was more conceptual but focused on a company’s bottom line.  A benefit of the software is its ability to identify drop calls in real time.  A drop call represents a loss of potential revenue, as the caller will simply call another supplier.

The fourth video was much more technical and explained how the product works on a conceptual level. It is aimed at technical staff required to review the technology before purchasing it.

Worked with the client to understand

We worked with the client at various stages to get input and signoff to ensure we were on target.  Since it is a very technical product, we spent a lot of time understanding the software until we could explain the product in a simple and concise way.

The first three videos had a short turn around time. In each case, we needed to write scenarios and scripts, audition actors and find a set that would work for the videos.  The fourth video was primarily motion graphics and could be done in-house without hiring cast. Stock footage was used for this production.


The videos were completed in March 2020 and were intended for use at several telecom conferences. Because of COVID, conferences were cancelled, but the president continued to use the videos virtually as an introduction to its technology.

She told us that before having the videos as a resource, much of the discussion was very basic and focused on conceptualizing what the software really did.

With the videos, potential clients were better informed and the president found the discussion was less on what the software did and more focused on how the software benefited their businesses.


Trillys Video #2

Explains how the security features of the software protects call centres from malicious attacks on their system.

Trillys Video #3

A conceptual video about the importance of capturing all calls and how Actucall captures those lost calls.

Trillys Video #4

Explainer video for software evaluator to understand the technology at a conceptual level.