CASE STUDY: Nano Cordless Spot Welder


Our client developed a small portable spot welder for the do-it-yourself marketplace.  In his first crowd funding campaign, he failed to get any traction for the product, despite strong indications that there was a natural audience for this type of product.  The Nano was less expensive than the professional models, and products available on the market for the hobbyist had issues with quality.

The challenge for SDC was to devise marketing materials, primarily a video, that could be used in a second crowd funding campaign to attract the attention of the primary audience for this type of product.


The first step SDC Video took was to research the marketplace to reconfirm there was a market, and to review the type of conversations and concerns present in that marketplace.

We searched social media such as Facebook groups, YouTube, Reddit etc. Despite the fact there were some low-priced products available, there were many complaints about quality, difficulty in reaching the manufacturers in Asia, and the length of time for the product to be delivered to North America.

In the video, we addressed these points.  But we added an extra nuance that the product was created by a do-it-yourselfer.  This was an important element, since the DIY group has a sense of collective identity that you can pitch to.

For the overall style of the video, we decided on a “as seen on TV” approach, primarily because it was a familiar format for this type of product.


With the relaunch of the campaign, the organizers focused on raising just enough for further R&D.  However, in the end, they raised about seven times their initial target.

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