CASE STUDY: IDRC Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems


The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems wanted to create an introductory and explainer video to describe its role.  As a new centre, it focused on the importance of civil registration and how it provides legal identity to individuals, enabling them to prove family ties, and their place and date of birth, and fulfil their rights and obligations. 

Primary Challenges

The first challenge was that this program deals with relatively technical issues which nonetheless, have a direct impact on many human sectors of society.  

There was a lack of video resources to work with, and not all the people who needed to interview were located in Canada.

SDC created motion graphics from the wealth of still images that were available, and supplied additional footage from previous projects shot in Africa.  

One interview was produced in Jordan: SDC contacted a local videographer to carry out the interview while we monitored the process by zoom. 

IDRC Video #2

IDRC’s role in achieving inclusive growth as a model for the economy.

IDRC Video #3

Summary of a conference for the Think Tank Initiative. 

IDRC Video #4

The Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) program.