Case Study – Climate of Change –

Canadian Hunger Foundation – Climate of Change


The Canadian Hunger Foundation needed a cornerstone video that focused on its environmental projects in Northern Ghana. While it had a lot of literature on the subject, it had very little video footage that could tell the story.  This was important because in terms of donors, both private and public, video is an effective tool to reach them.

CHF contacted SDC to travel to Ghana for a three week period to film as many projects as possible to create a cornerstone video that could be shown at conferences or donor meetings.  Extra footage could be used as stock footage or short videos on other projects.

Travelling with a team of a videographer, sound specialist and CHF staff member, SDC shot several hours of footage. On return, SDC edited and produced the final key video and created a number of other videos.


The video was used in various conferences about CHF’s work and was a cornerstone video for their website.  The production also produced a wide range of stock footage that was used in at least a dozen other videos produced during that period.

After 50 years of service, CHF has since closed its doors.


CHF : Stories of Change

One of several additional stories that were produced based on the footage shot in Ghana.

CHF : Father's Day

Video produced as a fund raising video for a donor appeal on Father’s Day.