Videographers for Corporate Events.

Whether you have a corporate activity, interview or live event, SDC Video can provide you professionally trained videographers and crew for any activity in Eastern Ontario including Ottawa and Kingston.

We Arrive Prepared

We come prepared with the right cameras, lights and sound equipment.  Depending on the size of the project, the videographer can be accompanied with producers and other crew.

Videographers are fully briefed on your needs with a detailed shot list with appropriate professionally quality equipment.

Require Audio Technicians?

Complex video shoots, at times, require a dedicated audio professional.  SDC Video has the right people.

HD/4K Crews

  • Interviews/Testimonials: Do you need a professionally shot and recorded interview with your CEO or other major personality from your organization? Do you need a casual looking interview or filled with action or conveying an air of  formality? SDC Video can provide the videographers and crews to make it happen.
  • B-Roll Coverage: Highly produced b-roll and a corporate or cinematic style is key to any corporate production.  Our videographers offer standard and cinema style coverage for corporate events.
  • Keynote Speakers: Do you have a keynote speaker that you want on video? Our camera operators will capture the speaker with style. Are there interviews or sessions you would like covered? You can count on us to do the work efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Real Estate: Do you want raw video footage of your property? We’d be happy to provide it.


Not sure what you really need?  We will sit down with you to discuss your needs and suggest a number of different approaches with sensitivity to the constraints of your budget


Interested in viewing our work, check out our projects page.





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