SDC Video offers video editing and post-production services for corporate clients and indie filmmakers. We work primarily with the Adobe Creative Suite that includes Premiere and After Affects.

Video Editing Team

On large projects,  typically we have a project manager, junior and senior editors and a senior producer. Therefore, projects are completed on time and on budget.

Motion Graphics

We are experienced video editors for documentary and corporate video editing and motion graphics. 

Our projects have been broadcast on CBC, VisionTV, CourtTV, Radio Canada, AXESSTV Sweden, RTP Portugal, SIC Portugal, Lanete Poland, AVRO Holland and the Documentary Channel US. Our corporate client is listed below.

Second and Foreign Languages

We frequently work with second and foreign language productions to provide subtitling.

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Project Planning

Working with the client,  we develop an overall plan to ensure the project meets expectations, hits the right target audience and is on budget. It is really ease of mind.

Organizing Footage

Big projects that have hours and hours of footage shot for a documentary, for example, require a highly organized workplan to keep track of the footage and make it easily available during video editing. It keeps the project manageable and cost effective.

Post Production

Working from a script, the footage is edited down to the contracted lengths and then fine-tuned.  Music is added along with special effects.  Any motion graphics or animations are added at this stage as well. The final project is then colour corrected and properly sound designed and mixed. 



The final video is produced in any requested format. It can be distributed to Social Media or produced to standards appropriate for broadcast.


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