The following Sound Development projects use design and engaging content to enrich a user’s experience.

New Digital Stories

12-3-2014 1-33-26 PMThis is SDC Video’s  companion website for clients who want to review material on social media and video marketing.

Its primary role is to provide inspiration for our clients by reviewing current and successful video and social media stories from around the world.

The site is built on a popular and open source Content Management System (CMS) and is updated on a regular basis.

In addition to the website, there is a newsletter, a Facebook page, RSS and Twitter feeds, and other social media links.

New Digital Stories is an archived website and no longer updated.

Bully-Free-Zone –  Workplace on the Edge

WPEAccording to the Workplace Bullying Institute, about  35% of US workers have experienced bullying firsthand, a number that is found to be relatively consistent in other countries. (Workplace on the Edge) is a content-rich social media site focused on workplace bullying.  All the content is developed by Sound Development and guest bloggers.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Workplace Conflict, and
  • Harassment and Workplace Violence
The site is scheduled to include in the future an online library of course material, which will contain both paid premium and subscriber material.

The site is regularly updated and is part of an overall plan to “crowd source” support for a documentary project  on the subject.

The site is built on a popular and open source Content Management System (CMS) and is updated on a regular basis. In addition to the website, there is a newsletter, a social media Facebook page, RSS and Twitter feeds, and other social media links.

Bully Free Zone is an archived website and no longer updated.

Primer For Youth in Care – DVD Package

Primer is a sensitivity training program on young people growing up in foster care for professionals and those in training. It is based on a consultation that the National Youth in Care Network conducted with its membership exploring the major challenges experienced by youth in care.

SDC Media worked with Andrée Cazabon productions and Youth in Care to develop the interactive DVD that was part of this package. It contained both visual, written and video footage.

Passionate Connection

Passionate SMALLThe Passionate Connection is a multimedia journey to meet Canadians on the front lines in the struggle for human rights.

It includes audio and video interviews, radio news stories, and links to key human rights sites in Canada and around the world.

Produced with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) with Knowledge in Action.

Sound Development provided research, audio material and the production of the Flash website.

Passionate Connection is an archived website and no longer updated.

Global Heroes

Global Heroes explores the innovative contributions of Canadians working in developing regions of the world.

Written for Canadian students, Global Heroes is a web site featured on SchoolNet, an initiative of the Government of Canada to enhance educational opportunities and achievements in schools across Canada by making national and international resources available to learners and educators, regardless of geographical locations.

Sound Development provided research and all of the audio material.

Produced with Knowledge in Action.

Selected as Yahoo’s pick of the week.

Global Heroes is an archived website and no longer updated.

Searching for Balance

Costa Rica has five percent of the world’s total biodiversity. But it is being depleted as forests are converted to farmland and other uses. It is affecting the productivity of the land as watersheds are destroyed and fragile soil eroded.

Searching for Balance is a story of Canadian and Costa Rican cooperation to find a balance between the differing demands for the land where wildlife and humans can co-exist.

This is the companion website for the film – Searching for Balance

Website now is archived and no longer updated


Seeds in the City

The website  tells the remarkable story about the people of Havana, Cuba who have pulled themselves back from the brink of disaster. Faced with food shortages and widespread hunger, city dwellers began growing food on rooftops, in schoolyards, and in front of office buildings.

Now there are thousands of urban farms in a city better known for its music, dance and nightlife.

This is the companion website to the film.  It is currently archived and not updated


What in the world are we doing?


Canadian attitudes, skills and values are making a difference in the world whether it be in the slums of Calcutta or among street kids in Latin America.

Sound Development produced over six years, stories for commercial broadcasters that highlighted Canadian achievements.


  • 500 French and English news stories on Canadian heroes and achievements;
  • broadcasts on 250 Canadian radio stations from coast-to-coast,
  • 15,000 individual broadcasts


Pueblos Jovenes

Pueblos Jovenes is a print, radio and video project that looks at a World University Services Canada (WUSC) program in Peru that brings drinking water and sanitation services to poor communities while strengthening their organizational capacity.

The project included:

  • a 30-minute television documentary
  • 10 radio stories
  • 10 print stories

The video was were broadcast on CTV affiliates. The radio stories were aired more than 400 times on 110 radio stations.  The stories were published in 10 University magazines.


Working in partnership with Gainsborough Communications GroupSound Development prepared the overall and financial plan, and was involved at every stage of the project.

Sound Development wrote, produced and distributed all the articles and radio programs and co-wrote and co-produced the television program.