Rising from the Ashes

Inter Pares

Peru’s civil war killed more than 70,000 people. The brutality of the armed conflict shocked Peruvians when the truth was revealed in 2003.

But in addition, hidden from view and primarily high in the Andes, the armed conflict left hundreds of victims of sexual violence, primarily indigenous women.

Rising from the Ashes is an inspiring story of women taking on new roles in Peru and seeking a more just and peaceful society.

Terrorism Courts

More than 1,400 prisoners were held in jail for terrorism charges based mostly on false confessions. This excerpt deals with Gladys Canales, who spent eight years in prison before being found innocent and released.

Systematic Rape
The Federal army systematically raped women in Peruvian villages. One of the first rape cases to provoke national outrage after the end of the civil war was that of Georgina Gamboa.

She was raped at the age of 16, first in her home and then in a police station in Ayacucho. Despite the fact that she identified the eleven officers and one civilian who raped her and filed formal charges, they were found not guilty.

Nevertheless, she continued to press her charges at the international level.

This video production was produced for Inter Pares in Ottawa.

Film Festivals
One World Film Festival – Ottawa -2009.

The film treats sensitive issues (sexual violence and indigenous women), and Steve’s treatment (SDC) was equally sensitive….

He was also extremely competent from a project management perspective, which meant that I could focus on offering Inter Pares’ input into the film’s script and editing. We are very teamwork-based as an institution, which meant a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but Steve had endless patience for our many revisions and last-minute “final” changes.

The end result was a film which audiences have uniformly found very moving and a testimony to our social justice work.

Samantha McGavin

Communications Director, Inter Pares