Redemption Diaries

Personal Stories from Redemption

Personal Vlogs of two characters from the web series Past Redemption

Bess Singer and Jaynie May Cook are two young women who work at the local bar and restaurant, the Laurel Creek Diner.

Sometimes referred to as the “Bunny Farm” because of the presence of younger women who “show appreciation for” older men or any travelling salesman for the price of an “expensive” drink, it’s run by a character named Hazel that keeps a cocked shot-gun under the bar.

In the Vlogs or Bunny Diaries, Bess and Jaynie talk about their lives and past adventures.

Bess designs a plan to track down a serial killer stalking women around Redemption – or maybe not!

Jaynie focuses her attention on keeping her mother’s various boyfriends from inserting themselves between her and her mom.

Both stories are told with a combination of wit and emotional intensity. Very much like short theatrical plays, the Bunny Diaries provide an inside look at the challenges these women face in Redemption: a town that crime left behind.