This provocative story follows homicide detectives through the streets of Guatemala City who are attempting to improve that nation’s dismal yearly rate of convictions – less than 15 out of 5,000 murders.

Guatemala is a country in the grip of perpetual violence.

Since the overthrow of the government by the CIA in the early 1950’s, injustice, human rights abuses and murder have become the norm in Guatemalan society. But the level of violence has reached a level equal to the violence during the 30-year armed conflict.

In 2004, there were more than 5,300 murders but fewer than 15 convictions.

In the eyes of Guatemalans, the justice system is associated with fear, mistrust and intimidation. Now an elite group of Guatemalan prosecutors and homicide detectives are trying to change this with an assault against the cabal of evil.

Armed with forensic training from the RCMP, they are setting out to fundamentally change the judicial system.

Video Production follows RCMP

Duel With The Devil is a documentary video production that follows a special homicide task force, including members of the RCMP,  as they tackle the thousands of homicides that occur every year.

But it is also a human story about individuals who confront violence on a daily basis and risk their lives – just by seeking justice.

Duel With The Devil has access to areas rarely seen, even by Guatemalans, and we meet both victims and the perpetrators.

Distributed through Journeyman Pictures UK

Duel with the Devil

Homicide and Justice in Guatemala


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