Benefits of hiring a professional

SDC Video’s professional videographers, camera operators and producers are experienced. We  shoot in any environment and anticipate most situations. 


All SDC music video producers work with professional broadcast and corporate quality cameras and equipment.

Professional Crews

We can provide additional lighting and audio professionals to ensure top-notch results.  All crews are capable of HD and 4K productions.

A selection of what we bring to a music video production.

  • Camera: Ursa Pro 4.6K cinema camera.  It’s a professional level cinema camera that has been used to shoot feature films and commercials.  A favourite for Indie Film Producers because it can shoot in RAW and other high quality codecs. Other cameras are available.
  • Lens Kit:  SDC Video has a selection of Rokinon Prime lenses that provide extremely sharp images.
  • Monitors : Atomos Shogun Inferno for external SDI monitoring and recording. 
  • A variety of lighting packages from Fresnels, spots, tube and panels
  • Additional Audio equipment is available.


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