Do you want custom Facebook video ads?

Mar 16, 2021 | Blog

Your unique business needs custom Facebook video ads.

We create Facebook video ads that are unique to your business.  No cookie cutter solution that makes you look like everyone else.

We shoot original videos that reflect your business, your people and your brand.

And then we package the videos into months worth of new video ads that can be posted each week.

Don’s mess with templates

Do you really have time to learn how to design video ads?

DIY solutions can be effective but time consuming. And they are no match to a professional production that starts with a focus on your business and your brand.


We build your Facebook video ads from scratch. 

Drawing from stock and our own footage and images, we create an ad that is designed for your business. 


Why Facebook Video Ads?

  • Your audience is already on Facebook.
  • An ad can be finely tuned to micro target that audience.
  • Ads are better at reaching an audience than organic posts, which may only reach 16% of your audience.

Get started

with Facebook Video Ads

    [honeypot WebsiteName]

    Introductory Video Ad

    $125 single image ad , or

    $199 for video ad (15 second ad)

    The video ad includes:

    • Two versions (same layout different copy)
    • stock video footage (or one you provide)
    • all copy on the video
    • Ad Primary Text: 125 characters
    • Ad Headline: 40 characters
    • Ad Description: 30 characters
    • Royalty free music
    • One revision

    Single image ad includes:

    • two versions (same layout different copy)
    • stock image or supplied by client
    • all copy on the image
    • Ad Primary Text: 125 characters
    • Ad Headline: 40 characters
    • Ad Description: 30 characters
    • One revision

    Other Packages

    The Three

    A focused marketing plan with three months of weekly video ads.

    Each video is produced from custom shot video of your business, personnel, products, and locations. It also includes a package of still image ads based on the video shoot.

    Each video ad includes.

    • Two versions (same layout different copy)
    • Original video footage
    • Stockmusic
    • all copy on the video
    • Ad Primary Text: 125 characters
    • Ad Headline: 40 characters
    • Ad Description: 30 characters
    • One revision per video

    Ad On

    As an additional service, we can setup your Facebook business page, account and launch the ads for you.

    You maintain control of your ad spend at all times.

    We set up and launch your:


    • video ads .
    • Business Page (if required)
    • Business account (if required); and
    • post your ads.

    The Others

    SDC Video are experienced video producers.  We specializes in the following video types:

    • Corporate
    • Commercial
    • Explainers
    • Crowdfunding
    • Animation, and
    • many other types

    Check out this link.

    More about SDC Video can be found here


    So, you need inspiration?

    The best place to look is always on Facebook itself.  It is fortunate the Facebook has a library of advertisements that are currently running.

    Nevertheless, here are some great examples to inspire.


    Who wants to spend more time in meetings?

    Who does not want to be more productive?

    As in most ads, you should focus on how users or customers will feel using your services or products.

    Also think about a great tagline

    Make sure you click through to a landing page that helps convert.


    Another good ad because it’s about feelings not products.

    Who does not want to turn their passions into a career?

    Not a lot of text but only what you need to help decide to click through.

    The New York Times

    It takes advantage of the wealth of material it has to work with, to grab your eye with lots of energy.

    There is a clear call to action.