SDC Video is a producer of digital stories for documentaries, video productions, video marketing, corporate video and social media.

We create video productions with rich stories and narratives about your cause or brand and weave them with images, video, music and voice to add a human dimension filled with colourful characters, situations, experiences and insights.


Concept Development

We work with you to develop a unique concept for your organization.

Video Productions

We bring out our cameras, lights and sound equipment to get the best quality HD video to bring your project to life.

Post Production

We edit your footage, add music and special effects.
We  build in pizzazz.


We distribute to Social Media.
Video Productions

Video Productions

We create video productions with rich stories and narratives about your cause or brand and weave them with images, video, music and voice to add a human dimension filled with colourful characters, situations, experiences and insights.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos and Animation

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service.

Conference and Event Videography

Conference and Event Videography

You name it, we can provide video production services for almost any type of event.

We specialize in all events from trade shows, seminars and conferences and workshops. We’ll capture your entire event, and reduce your stress of the day.

International Video Productions

International Projects

SDC Video has extensive international experience working on productions in Africa and South and Central America.

We can provide clients a number of different packages and creative financial solutions for overseas video productions.

Integrating Video into Communications

Integrating Video into Communications

Video has a distinct workflow that can either enhance or hinder the role of a communications department.

SDC Video works with communicators to develop effective video workflows to leverage existing communications tools and effectively distribute material online.

Workshops for Communicators

Workshops: Video for Communicators

We provide workshops for communications professionals and field staff who are required to produce video as part of their responsibilities but not formally trained in either field production nor editing.

Buying Decisions

Buying Decisions

SDC Video will work with departments to source the right equipment for your budget and communication needs.

Furthermore, we point out buying decision that may not be appropriate for your working environment

Ethiopian Child

Relevant Skills to International NGOs

SDC Video has international experience in developing countries working on development related issues.



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Our Clients

“The video was shown at a recent ribbon cutting event attended by key stakeholders and dignitaries including Premiere Kathleen Wynne, Minister Alice Wong and Mayor Jim Watson…”

“The video was a big success!”

“…. We found working with SDC a great experience. They guided our thoughts and the process with skill and professionalism and managed to capture a complex subject in terms that were understandable to a general audience.”

Akos Hoffer, CEO, Health Centre
Daniel Clapin Manager Director, Foundation
Perley and Rideau Veterans Health Centre

Video Comment

Daniel Clapin
Manager Director
Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre Foundation

“The end result was a film which audiences have uniformly found very moving and a testimony to our social justice work.

“I was very pleased with the quality of the video which was produced at a very reasonable cost. I can honestly say they went beyond my initial expectations. All of the videos were well received by the steering committees, and they have since been used to spread the lessons of each project.

Linda Silas, President
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

“We very much appreciate the way SDC approached the work: consulting us on every step but at the same time, suggesting options a bit out of the box to involve us in the creative process.

… It was a rather complex (project) with almost 25 actors, extras and crew. He was able to find a location that could believably be presented as
a Latin America country, and he obtained the appropriate permissions along with ensuring all the proper insurances and clearances were in place.”

Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability

The Network is a coalition of 28 organizations that includes Amnesty International, Kairos and Inter Pares.

The letter references a PSA produced for the Network’s Open for Justice Campaign.

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