Running a business is sometimes like standing in front of on-coming traffic.

It’s your passion that motivates you to take the risk.

And it is your passion that motivates us to create video content to help your ongoing dialogue with clients, customers, funders and investors.

We are professional video storytellers with corporate and journalistic experience.

But let’s talk about you first.

We will provide a no obligation review of your website or social media to suggest video ideas for your business or organization.


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    Video dominates the web, so what stops you from fully embracing the medium?

    Three reasons:

    • Concern that it takes too much time to create video content;
    • Difficulty in finding the skills required to produce the quality needed to match your brand; and
    • The challenge of developing the strategies that position videos in front of the right audience for tangible returns on investment.

    SDC Video’s goal is to help you start using video effectively and in a meaningful way for your business.

    So what do we do?

    Video Production

    We make highly polished productions to dazzle your investors, prospects, and attract talented employees.


    We train your staff to produce exceptional DYI smart phone videos.


    We create plans that will provide you with months of content for social media.

    Branding and Design

    We offer strategic consulting and creative solutions to reach marketing and communication goals.

    Featured Videos

    B2B Commercial

    The purpose of this commercial was to introduce a new technology to decision makers in large call centers. The technology provides advanced services to help monitor calls from the moment they are dialed.

    Crowdfunding: Product Video

    The video was part of a crowdfunding campaign for a new spot welder.

    Produced in the style of an “As seen on TV” commercial, the ad targeted the “Do-It-Yourselfer,” and helped raise more than 500% of the fund raising goal.

    Organizational Profile: GrOW

    Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women

    The GrOW program worked with 14 research teams around the world to generate evidence on women’s economic empowerment and promote the use of the research by key decision-makers.

    The project used footage generated by SDC Video in Africa and existing stock footage supplied by the client.

    Father`s Day in Mozambique

    The video was used as a fundraising tool for a Ottawa-based NGO.

    The production uses a frenetic typography style to convey the organization’s message.

    Steven Hunt

    Steven Hunt

    Senior Story Producer

    Steven has worked as a videographer and writer for more than 30 years. His work has appeared on CBC, VisionTV, CourtTV, Radio Canada, AXESSTV Sweden, RTP Portugal, SIC Portugal, Lanete Poland, AVRO Holland and the Documentary Channel US.

    Steven creates rich stories and narratives and weaves them with compelling videos. His repertoire includes documentries, commercials, animation, training videos, web series, films, and documentaries.

    It’s not the type of project that drives Steven but the people he meets and the stories he can tell.

    Steven is drawn to the diverse and interesting.

    Don’t be surprised to find Steven filming a colourful web series right here in Ottawa or a documentary in Latin America or Africa.

    Steven can take a kernel of an idea and breathe digital life into it.

    A bit more about what we do best






    Music Video Production

    Graphic Design

    What can we do for you?

    Send us a note, and we will help out.

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