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We make highly polished productions to dazzle your investors, prospects, and attract talented employees.

Kinaxis: Welcome to new employees

Welcome video for new employees at Kinaxis, an Ottawa-based software developer for supply chain management.

The video provides an overview of the corporate culture and philosphy.

This is an excerpt from the video.

Trillys: Security Software

This is a B2B commercial for Trillys System’s security software feature that will identify brute force attempts to break into a call centre’s network.

Trillys: The significance of a dropped call.

A conceptual video about the importance of capturing all calls and how Actucall captures lost calls.



Explainer videos are short online videos used that help explain your company’s product or service, introduce for new employees, show how equipment is used to health and safety issues on the job.

Trillys Explainer

Explainer video for software evaluator to understand the technology at a conceptual level.

Recycling of electric car batteries.

As more and more cars go electric, there is an ongoing issue of battery disposal.  This short video explains how batteries can be repurposed in a number of different ways.

Principles of Content Marketing

This short explainer tells the story of the origins of content marketing.



Video is great resource for trainers to visually reinforce a lesson.

Nevertheless, it takes skills to produce a video that really meets the pedagogical needs of trainers.

Public Services Health & Safety Association

Except from a course for municipal government workers. 

Build Force

A short except of a training film produced for Build Force Canada


Kinaxis Training for Supply Management

Kinaxis is a high tech firm focused on supply chain management.

To help understand the company’s revolutionary approach,  the Kinaxis Knowledge Network produced a short course on Udemy to explain the history and the challenges of supply management.


Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation, motion graphics are all part of the package of skills that SDC Video can bring to a project.

Animation Demo

A short collection of animations from various SDC Video projects.

Motion Graphics Demo

A short collection of motion graphics from SDC Video projects.



SDC Video has worked in countries such Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Central America and Peru.  (See documentary section)

Climate of Change

This corporate video was shot in Northern Ghana near and around Tamale about the Canadian Hunger Foundation’s projects designed to increase village resilience to climate change.

The focus audience was institutional funders.

SDC produced three other fund raising videos for CHF from the Ghana shoot.

Think Tank Initiative

Opening conference.  SDC Video was given the challenge of creating video that captured highlights of the conference with little quality video footage.  SDC created this video in 3D.

Father's Day

Canadian Hunger Foundation in Mozambique

This video was produced by SDC Video for the Canadian Hunger Foundation based in Ottawa, Canada.

The video was used as a fundraising tool.

The production uses a frenetic typography style to convey the organization’s message.