Casting Call : Voice Actors  (until May 17, 2024)

Podcast Pilot, spec, non-union, dramatic recreations.
If the project is successful pay will be based on a percentage of revenue generated. Otherwise, please consider this as a low/no pay production.

What we are seeking: 

Actors that can perform

  • British accents lower, middle, and upper class, age range younger to older.
  • American accent, Mild Massachusetts and generic. Age range younger to older
  • Australian Upper-Class accent, middle aged.ne character.

Actors living in Ottawa will be recorded in a studio. 

  •  Preference to actors with the ability to do more than one character.

We will consider actors from different locations if they have a solid home studio. 

British Characters:

  • Judges,
  • Governor,
  • Governor’s Aide,
  • Sea Captain,
  • First Mate,
  • Sailors,
  • Cabin Boy
  • Newspaper Hawkers. 

American Characters:

  • Judge,
  • Prosecutor,
  • Defence Attorney,
  • Sea Captain,
  • First Mate, sailors.

Australian Character:

  • Lawyer

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You will be sent a script to use for your audition, on completion of this application.

If you are submitting a reel of past performances, please ONLY SEND a URL.

Any questions can be sent to auditions@sdcvideo.ca


We will require a mobile number if you are cast in a role. But it is optional at this stage.
A reel is not a requirement but it will help us in our selection.
What skills/talents do you have that is relevant to these roles.
Do you have a home audio studio?
Available for audition by: