Hiring a video production company?

Oct 13, 2021 | Production Points

Now we are getting to the end of COVID restrictions, we are again thinking about general meetings and conferences.  While Zoom meetings have proven their importance in value and just savings of time and money in travel, face-to-face meeting with colleagues will always have certain benefits.  And there will always be a need to record them in an event video.

Event video has often not been used effectively. It’s considered to be expensive without providing much return on that investment. Here are some common mistakes.

Thinking that event video is primarily for the archives.

Too often the raw video ends up in someone’s office drawer. There is little thought about how to use the material once it is recorded.

Not doing a highlight tape of your event video.

At the very minimum, there should be a highlight video addressing the various themes of an event. If there are well-known speakers from within your community, they should be included and the highlights placed on your video platforms.

But more importantly you should get out of the thought pattern that it is primarily for the record. In fact, it’s an opportunity to build up your video resources for future projects.

Not recognizing the resources in the room

Sometimes conference/event videos focus entirely on the podium. But there may be many people attending the event that are worth getting on video. For example customer testimonials or comments from experts about your organization.

Not thinking past the podium.

In many events, there are lots of networking and social events that are worth capturing. It adds color and a strong human component.

Assuming that an event video is only a technical job

While covering an event requires a good deal of technical knowledge once you start going beyond the podium, the production company you hire should be good story tellers. Take a look at their corporate videos. Are they effective story tellers through graphics, interviews and images.

Not recognizing your target audience

The target audience for your corporate event may be different from the target audience for the videos. For example, a conference may be about bringing together experts and fellow workers to network, but the overall video may be more about how the organization functions. Each have different audiences.

Thinking it is too expensive

Video can be expensive and if you think only in terms of having an archive of the event, it probably is. But if you approach it as video resources, it can be quite inexpensive compared to developing the same resources from scratch.


Other types of videos to consider

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Updated October 14, 2021